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Posted in Conservation, Metalwork on August 19th, 2016


RRC metal conservator, Julia Tauber, cleaning a bronze memorial plaque at Charterhouse School, Surrey.

The care and conservation of memorials has been a hot topic in conservation during the centenary of the First World War.  Having worked on memorials of all types in the past, RRC was pleased to be able to assist Charterhouse School, Surrey with the conservation of 58 memorial plaques.

The majority of the plaques are in bronze and range in date over the last 150 years.  The conservation work consisted of cleaning the plaques to remove all residues and previous wax coating. Active corrosion was then removed manually with fine wire wool and a hot tinted microcrystalline wax applied to unify the patina and provide a protective coating for the future.

Mallory Before:After

Before (top) and after conservation work on the bronze memorial plaque to George Mallory, the mountaineer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Everest.


A wall of showing some of the memorial plaques, all of the work was undertaken on-site at Charterhouse.

Posted in Conservation, Decorative Arts, Installation on August 11th, 2016

HB Collage

The RRC conservation team recently undertook the restoration of gilt chippendale style mirror that had fallen from the wall of a private residence due to the failure of old fixings.  Miraculously, the glass mirror survived the fall, the giltwood frame, however, was not so lucky.  The type of damage the frame sustained can be seen in the images above, on the left.

The team at RRC meticulously pieced the frame, numbering close to 100 fragments, back together.  Areas of loss were filled, and recarved where necessary, and the repairs gilded and coloured to match the original finish in a process that took over two months.

The extensive damage to the frame meant that it could no longer support the weight of the large piece of mirror glass so, with the assistance of the RRC Exhibitions team, a discreet steel supporting frame was produced to take the weight of the glass and transfer it to the wall.  On completion, the mirror was reinstalled by our team, in it’s original position, as shown above on the right.

Posted in Conservation, Exhibitions, Installation, Mountmaking on April 6th, 2016


Richard Rogers Conservation is pleased to announce that we played an integral part in the delivery of ‘Exhibitionism’, the sensational show, just opened at the Saatchi Gallery, that documents the history of the British rock legends – The Rolling Stones.  The exhibition features a number of never before seen pieces including Keith Richard’s diaries, handwritten lyrics and album cover designs as well as a variety of original costumes and a selection of instruments.


RRC was responsible for the conservation, mounting and installation of the collection, which comprises of over 550 objects.  Each object was individually condition checked in advance of the exhibition, conservation was undertaken where necessary and a bespoke mount was produced for the majority of pieces.  This includes everything from the tape box and lyric sheets right up to the jumping mannequin holding a guitar in each hand!


Stay tuned for photographs of the exhibition but, in the meantime, please see the media’s reaction to the show below:


The Telegraph

The Mirror


The Daily Mail


Posted in Conservation, Museum on December 4th, 2015

Our latest project involves the conservation of a collection of Zulu and Indian weaponry belonging to Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye.

The collection consists of a range of interesting pieces, including the likes of hair and leather shields (shown above), hair accoutrements, clubs, boomerangs and axes.  All of the pieces have been prepared for display through cleaning, consolidation, the treatment of leather and metallic parts and waxing, where appropriate.


For more information on projects such as this and other services we offer, please contact us.




Posted in Exhibitions, Installation, Mountmaking, Museum on November 26th, 2015

‘The new London by Design gallery (now open) at the London Transport Museum will explore how London’s transport has become one of the world’s most enduring examples of successful brand identity and a world leader in transport design. Looking at the reciprocal interplay between the past and the present, the gallery will look at key design elements, including corporate identity, maps, vehicle design, posters and designed environments from the early twentieth century to the present day. It will also uncover the stories behind some of the early pioneers of transport design including Frank Pick, Harry Beck, Edward Johnston and Charles Holden, as well as exploring exciting future developments in the Capital’s transport system.’- London Transport Museum.


Richard Rogers Conservation have been responsible for the object mounting and installation of this new permanent exhibition.  All of the mounts are bespoke and each displays the pieces in a discreet but conservation friendly manner.  For more information, contact us.


LTM Installation

Posted in Exhibitions, Installation, Mountmaking on November 3rd, 2015

Great to see the mounts that we produced for Henry V’s Sword and Helmet getting so much media coverage!  Click one of the links below to read more about the ceremony to mark the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.

Daily Mail – Stirring Salute to Henry V’s happy few

The Telegraph – Hundreds gather at Westminster Abbey to remember Henry V’s ‘happy few’

Art Daily – Henry V’s sword on show at Agincourt ceremony

Posted in Exhibitions, Installation, Mountmaking, Museum on October 14th, 2015

We are pleased to have produced and installed all of the object’s display mounts for the upcoming exhibition at the Imperial War Museum exploring the impact of the Second World War on women’s lives through the photography of Lee Miller.  One of the most important female war photographers of the twentieth century, the exhibition features photographs, objects, art and personal items never before seen on display.


The Exhibition runs from 15th October 2015 to 24th April 2016, for more information click here.